12/10/21 VCOIN Newsletter

Happy New Year! Here’s our most recent VCOIN Update for our newsletter subscribers! Learn about what all we’ve been up to the past few months and what we have coming up.

Together Labs, the parent company of IMVU and VCOIN signed an agreement with ImmutableX, the first layer-2 solution for NFTs on Ethereum. This agreement enables NFT transactions on IMVU and allows their 1M daily active users to participate in the growing NFT economy while creating and trading digital assets at zero gas fees. This partnership could present a unique adoption opportunity for VCOIN in the NFT space as a whole.

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Custom Head Sells for 37,000 VCOIN!

An IMVU Custom Creator recently earned 37,000 VCOIN (~$150) by creating and selling a custom avatar head on the IMVU platform. With VCOIN’s unique ability to be transferred off of the IMVU platform along with its consistent buy/sell price, VCOIN unlocks the full potential of the metaverse economy and enables all users to earn real value by providing services or custom creations (soon to be NFTs 😎).

The NEW VCOIN Marketplace is now LIVE!

VCOIN, the first transferable digital currency designed for the metaverse released an improved Service Marketplace in the IMVU platform. IMVU users can now offer their services or “gigs” in exchange for VCOIN and convert their earnings into real money (via any device.) The new Marketplace creates a frictionless buy and sell experience for all users participating in the metaverse economy.

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VCOIN Holders can now Convert VCOIN into IMVU Credits

“This was a key request from our users and we’re excited to make this available as another milestone in growing IMVU’s thriving virtual economy. Users can convert VCOIN to cash, spend it through a debit card or now convert it to credits. This is just another reason earning VCOIN provides users with real value.” said Nancy Beaton, VP of Strategy at VCOIN.”

VCOIN in the Spotlight

LIVE Webinar: Powering the Metaverse

Monday, Dec. 13th at 9 AM PT, John Burris, Chief of Strategy and Robin O’Connell, Chief Revenue Officer at Uphold will be discussing the future of the metaverse and Together Labs’ strategy for growing the economy.


The Rise of NFTs: The Opportunity for Global Brands & Television Businesses

VP of Strategy and Blockchain, Nancy Beaton, joined by fellow industry leaders, breaks down the ins and outs of NFTs and discuss opportunities for television businesses and brands in this exciting new sector.


XR Star: Integrating the Metaverse

Nancy Beaton discusses the future of crypto and the connection between different metaverses on the XR Star Podcast episode, Integrating the Metaverse.


Let’s Talk NFTs!

Nancy Beaton explores the rise of NFTs with Phil Ranta, CEO of Wormhole Labs and evaluates how Together Labs and VCOIN are tacking the growing space.


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