Earning Real Money with VCOIN in a Virtual World (Part II Yvonnem)

4 min readJun 3, 2021

Hi my name is Yvonnem!

I’m an IMVU Producer and I model clothing and do streaming to advertise products for other users, usually Creators on the platform. I started playing on IMVU about 2 years ago and around the summer of 2019 is when I decided to start my modeling service. Currently I model clothing for Creators and post photos to advertise that clothing to the broader IMVU community. I also advertise Creator items through my streams.

What motivated me to start my business was initially my love of fashion and trying on clothes on IMVU. What then gave me the idea to become a model was actually seeing other users posting photos in the feed of them modeling clothing and advertising their own business. This was really interesting to me! I hadn’t thought about actually turning my virtual hobby into something bigger until I saw just how many people were already doing it. And it looked fun so I decided to try it out myself.

When I first started my Producer service one of the first things I found was that it’s not as easy as it may seem. Modeling takes commitment, patience and credits. You’ll often need credits to purchase rooms to model in, outfits, and nice poses that show off the items. When starting out I occasionally had to purchase credits to get started, then I signed up for the IMVU VIP subscription which, along with a bunch of other amenities, gives users around 5,000 credits every month which I used to finance my service. Then once I started getting more popular, I received more credit gifts from people wanting me to post photos of their items and I started receiving larger amounts of credits as payment for modeling clothing, which funded my room and outfit expenses.


When I first found out about VCOIN I was a bit skeptical. I wondered if it was truly safe to use and if it was worth putting in the work to implement into my service. It wasn’t till I started talking to other users and Producers that I really warmed up to the idea of using VCOIN as a payment method.

With VCOIN I can earn real money for just playing on IMVU the way I’ve been doing for the past 2 years. Instead of just receiving credits for payment I could receive money that can be used for more than just purchasing rooms and outfits on IMVU. With VCOIN I could get more tangible, real world items that could help me grow my service like a better laptop to edit and post photos on or even real clothes I could model in my own life. The options are endless!

With VCOIN I won’t have to wait for people to come to me in order to buy more stuff to grow my service, instead I could be more proactive with buying what I need on IMVU and actively building more partnerships with Creators on the platform that need models and streamers. There’s also the VCOIN Marketplace where Producers are already earning money for their services. By listing my modeling service not only will my business reach a broader audience of IMVU users but I could also reach out more Producers like me for potential collabs which is essential to growing a modeling service.

Advice for Future Producers

For anyone who wants to be a model or a Producer in general, my advice is to really be persistent and goal oriented. Modeling unfortunately isn’t just putting on clothes and taking screenshots in random rooms, it takes more than that and it’s important that you know before throwing yourself into it. You need to be creative to be a model. You’ll often need to take very dynamic photos in the outfits you’re modeling, not just for the Creator but to properly advertise your business to other users looking for models. You’ll also need to be social and willing to work with other users. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of other models and creators teaching me and helping me grow along the way.

Also don’t sell yourself short! Modeling is a very legit business on IMVU and one that should be compensated, especially if you’re requesting VCOIN where you can earn real money for your service. Last piece of advice is to have fun and make friends! At its core IMVU is a social platform for making friends. While building my service I’ve met some invaluable people on IMVU that I truly appreciate having in my life, so while growing your own service, be sure to find your people that can help you be better.

Thanks for reading! Good luck on your own service!


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