First-Ever Option to Convert VCOIN to IMVU Credits Goes Live

2 min readSep 3, 2021

Due to popular requests, IMVU users now have the ability to convert their VCOIN earnings into Credits!

The highly-requested user feature now gives players the option to seamlessly convert their VCOIN directly from their wallet into credits to use in the IMVU Shop on web, mobile and desktop. This feature is yet another step toward IMVU’s new economic model that is revolutionizing the metaverse.

“This was a key request from our users and we’re excited to make this available as another milestone in growing IMVU’s thriving virtual economy,” said Nancy Beaton, VP of Strategy at VCOIN. “Users can convert VCOIN to cash, spend it through a debit card or now convert it to credits. This is just another reason earning VCOIN provides users with real value.

Read the full Press Release here.

With this new feature, Producers have more flexible options of using their VCOIN whether that’s cashing out or reinvesting into their business by converting to credits. Especially when it comes to users that offer services reliant on items bought from the IMVU shop, like Models who need to purchase outfits and rooms to model in, and Room Interior Designers that need credits to purchase furniture and decor.

To use this new feature, users simply click the VCOIN Wallet at the top of the homepage and choose the option to “convert to credits.” VCOIN holds a stable exchange rate at 4 Credits for 1 VCOIN and a minimum of 20 VCOIN to convert.

The updated IMVU experience with the option to convert VCOIN to credits is live and available on web, iOS, Desktop and Android.

Try it out for yourself!

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