What are Producers?

4 min readApr 23, 2021

VCOIN is the currency for Producers.

Unlike most games that purely focus on Creators which are users that might create and sell virtual items and upgrades in-game, IMVU is cultivating a new type of user, which are the Producers. These are users that provide a service for other users like being a model, editor, custom creator, bar owner and more. They’re essential to a thriving metaverse in that the service economy they drive, parallels the real world gig economy where companies like Uber, Doordash and Fiverr dominate. So not only can you purchase clothing and rooms within IMVU but now you can hire other users to be your personal shopper, decorate your rooms or plan successful in-game events for you and your friends.

Producers truly open up the immersive experience of the IMVU metaverse. Now with the added addition of being able to earn VCOIN for their services, users now have the opportunity to turn their gameplay into a virtual business where they can earn real money.

Over the past few months we’ve had the chance to actually work with Producers that are currently earning VCOIN in IMVU or planning to implement in the near future.

Hear from a few Producers on IMVU that are earning real money with VCOIN.


Yvonnem is a virtual Model on IMVU, accepting VCOIN for her services.

Modeling isn’t (always) easy — you need Credits to buy rooms, the outfit, and the poses that you need.

Watch the video above to hear Yvonnem share her experience as a Model on IMVU talk his experience as a VCOIN Producer. Turns out it’s more than just trying on clothes and standing in front of a camera. Modeling not only requires support, but various in-game resources to actually be lucrative. Which is why Producers like Yvonnem have started requesting VCOIN for their services, so they’re able to earn real value in addition to financing their service business. Be sure to follow our page to be the first to read Yvonnem’s blog article on her VCOIN Service.

Wanna hear more about Yvonnem’s service? Check out our article, “Earning Real Money with VCOIN in a Virtual World (Part II Yvonnem)”, written by Yvonnem herself on how she began her virtual modeling career on IMVU and advice she has for people wanting to start their own metaverse business.

Yalla and the Yalla Dolls/Kings

Our next Producer highlight was with Yalla and the Yalla Dolls and Kings.

This amazing group of IMVU Producers collaborate with one another to run an entirely virtual modeling agency where they model Yalla brand clothing, put on amazing events and take photos to further amplify Yalla’s clothing across the platform. As a Creator working with various Producers to sustain her business it’s important to Yalla and her team that there’s not just a way for her to earn real money from profiting off of IMVU shop sales but that there’s an easy way for Producers to earn as well, which is why VCOIN was created. Learn more about Yalla and the Yalla Dolls/Kings above, and be sure to follow our page to be the first to read Yalla’s blog article on her Creator/Producer VCOIN Modeling Agency.


Our most recent Producer highlight is with Toci, an IMVU Producer working as a business owner on the platform, coordinating services with other users in exchange for VCOIN. Together with the help of his friends, Toci’s business does custom items, website creation and advertising, graphic design along with event planning all on the IMVU platform. In his interview hear him talk about his experience as producer and how he benefits from using VCOIN as a payment method!


Toga is a long-time IMVU Producer. While mainly focusing in on badges, he also creates pixel and banner art, product icon work, and more. Badges on IMVU are mainly displayed on a user’s Classic Web page, but Toga’s work can also be displayed across the feed and social media pages.

Although a self-proclaimed IMVU Classic Client user, Toga utilizes VCOIN to increase his badge sales, find new customers, and safely convert his earnings to cash.

I decided to put my work on the VCOIN Marketplace because it would be a good marketing strategy for myself, as I know a lot of people would see it and would be like, “Oh wow, this is new, let me click on it and see what’s going on.”

Subscribe to the VCOIN Youtube Channel to be the first to watch Toga’s interview on his experience as a badge creator on IMVU. In the meantime, learn more about Toga’s virtual business and motivation for becoming a Producer here.

Interesting in meeting more VCOIN Producers? Check out the VCOIN Marketplace to meet other amazing Producers like Yvonnem, Toga, the Yalla Models and Toci.

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