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Introducing MetaJuice: The First Blockchain Company Launched by a Metaverse

MetaJuice is a New Subsidiary of Together Labs, which owns the largest 3D Social Avatar Platform, IMVU

REDWOOD CITY, CA [GamesBeat] — January 27, 2022 — Together Labs (, today announced the launch of MetaJuice, its new blockchain firm powering the metaverse economy. MetaJuice is unlocking blockchain-driven markets that allow everyone to create, earn, own and shape the future metaverse. MetaJuice is the company bringing VCOIN, VCORE, and NFTs to market.

“The vast majority of metaverses today are closed or walled platforms creating barriers for users to earn and experience true ownership,” said John Burris, President of MetaJuice and Chief Strategy Officer of Together Labs. “Leveraging blockchain technology, MetaJuice will unlock the full value of the metaverse for users and create a path for users not only to participate in but actually shape the future of metaverse.”

MetaJuice is launching these crypto-assets first in the massive IMVU metaverse (+1,000,000 daily active users) and soon in Together Labs’ new metaverse, WithMe. While these assets will launch first in the Together Labs’ platforms, the vision of MetaJuice is to empower users across all metaverse platforms to freely engage, earn and own assets.

“Together Labs’ has always been a pioneer in the metaverse. We will continue to lead the way with the introduction of our new blockchain entity and cutting edge digital currencies and NFTs,” said Daren Tsui, Chief Executive Officer of Together Labs. “We will focus first on blockchain enabling our platforms and then take that experience to enable all users to seamlessly move and transact across worlds.”

The MetaJuice team is composed of successful entrepreneurs with blockchain, digital, gaming and content expertise. The MetaJuice team initially launched VCOIN, the first globally transferable digital currency, and announced VCORE, the meta token designed to enable users to participate in shaping the future of the metaverse.

MetaJuice’s launch was streamed for GamesBeat Summit: Into the Metaverse January 27th, 10:45 am PST with a speech from President of MetaJuice, John Burris. For more information or to get involved please visit:

About Together Labs

Together Labs innovates technologies that empower people worldwide to connect, create and earn in virtual worlds. Our mission is to redefine social media as a catalyst for authentic human connection through the development of a family of products grounded in this core value. These include: IMVU, the world’s largest friendship discovery and social metaverse; VCOIN, the first transferable digital currency sold as a non-security under regulatory no-action relief; VCORE, an ERC-20 token that lets the community create, play and earn in the metaverse; and WithMe, an upcoming mobile metaverse.

About MetaJuice

MetaJuice ( is unlocking the metaverse. By building blockchain-driven economies where everyone can own, earn, create and shape the future metaverse, MetaJuice will realize its vision of opening the metaverse and creating a world where users, players and creators can participate and share in its success. MetaJuice has launched meta tokens VCORE and VCOIN, and NFT assets. MetaJuice is the blockchain subsidiary of Together Labs.

About IMVU

Based in Silicon Valley, IMVU (imm-view) is the world’s largest friendship discovery and social platform, and a top 5 grossing app in the iOS/Apple App Store and Google Play Store, where millions of users customize their avatars and explore over 40,000+ destinations to connect with each other. Through chat and events, IMVU’s massive metaverse enables and empowers friendship and human connection. A community of hundreds of thousands of creators powers IMVU’s peer-to-peer economy by designing and selling virtual goods and destinations, adding to a growing catalog of 50 million items. The IMVU experience is available on the web, a desktop app, and as an iOS and Android app.




MetaJuice is building blockchain-driven assets that unlock the value of the metaverse where everyone can create, earn, own and shape the future.