Maximize Your Gameplay on IMVU with the VCOIN Debit Card

Starting with a user’s first time engaging with VCOIN they have the option of simply using it in normal gameplay (purchasing services, gifting to others, etc.) or they can decide to become a and start earning VCOIN themselves.

Whether you’re a or just an average user, VCOIN adds to your gaming experience. These benefits extend to use of the VCOIN Debit Card as a part of your gameplay.

Earning with VCOIN

Benefits for Producers

  • Skip the conversion process in Uphold
  • Swipe your card ANYWHERE
  • No 3–5 day transfer wait times
  • 2% cash back (can really build up)

For Producers on IMVU, using the VCOIN Debit Card undoubtedly makes the most sense. As users that dedicate time on IMVU to earning VCOIN for their services whether that be modeling, editing or creating, being able to reduce the steps between withdrawing from IMVU and spending in real life is invaluable.

There’s also the fact that there are little to no restrictions on where you can spend your VCOIN with the debit card. You don’t need to scour the world looking for a store that accepts an obscure token like VCOIN as payment! With Mastercard as a payment provider, the VCOIN card will be accepted at more than 50 million merchants and ATMs across the globe.

Using VCOIN In-Game

Benefits for Normal Users

  • Gift real value to your friends
  • Tip Producers in VCOIN
  • Become a Producer!
  • 2% cash back (can really build up)

Even if you’re not a hyper active user like a Producer might be, the VCOIN Debit Card still holds significant value. With VCOIN, gifting takes on a whole new meaning. Every time a friend gifts you VCOIN or you gift someone else, encourage them to transfer into Uphold and automatically add funds to their card.

You can quite literally buy someone a coffee or a new handbag just by sending them VCOIN and letting them know to transfer to Uphold. No more conversions from VCOIN to USD, no more wait times, once your VCOIN gift gets withdrawn, within the hour they could be swiping their card at Starbucks.

It’s even better if they’re a Producer earning VCOIN. As a normal user, even if doing services isn’t your thing, you still have the option of actively contributing to someone else’s business. Instead of just sending someone credits to be used in shop, you can help someone pay rent, save up for a computer or buy groceries for the month. The options are endless!

Stay tuned in to the VCOIN social channels to be the first to know when the purple VCOIN Debit Card will be available. Check out to learn more about VCOIN and our new Debit Card.



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