We’ve made TIME100’s Most Influential Companies of 2022!

VCOIN is a Pioneer in Metaverse Money

TIME named Together Labs in their TIME100 Most Influential Companies of 2022 to recognize VCOIN, the only active cryptocurrency that has been issued a no-action letter.

Companies on this list are part of TIME’s diverse array of 100 businesses making an extraordinary impact around the world while charting an essential path forward.

Find out how VCOIN is pioneering in #metaversemoney on TIME’s Most Influential Companies in 2022.

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“MetaJuice is creating a path toward interoperability between metaverse spaces. It’s a peek into what’s to come. We’re excited to give users the opportunity for fluidity so they can seamlessly explore other worlds.”

Nancy Beaton, SVP of Strategy

Auroboros x Grimes’ POAP transcends metaverse worlds

We partnered with Auroboros at Decentraland’s first Metaverse Fashion Week, closing out the event with a one-of-a-kind immersive show which featured a virtual performance by music superstar Grimes.

Discover how MetaJuice’s first POAP (collectible digital proof of attendance) plans to transcend metaverse worlds IMVU and Decentraland.

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MetaJuice is building blockchain-driven assets that unlock the value of the metaverse where everyone can create, earn, own and shape the future.