Paris Blockchain Week Summit & NFT Day

MetaJuice @ Paris Blockchain Week Summit

Team MetaJuice had an amazing time attending Europe’s biggest Blockchain conference & digital assets event with over 3,000+ attendees: Paris Blockchain Week Summit.

We hope that you enjoy seeing some of our favorite photo moments from the conference!

Nancy Beaton and John Burris discussed “Unlocking the Metaverse” and “Emerging NFT Solutions” at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit. Follow our Twitter (@themetajuice) to be the first to know when their talks are streaming online!
(Left) MetaJuice and Blockchain Game Alliance hosted dinner (Right) Claudia Olah’s SHOES53045

BGA Dinner

MetaJuice proudly co-hosted the @BGameAlliance dinner, bringing the #blockchain gaming community together.

A warm thank you to BGA for allowing us to be a part of this enjoyable and insightful evening with metaverse professionals!


MetaJuice Director Of Marketing Claudia Olah lit up the conference by debuting her @shoes53045world kicks at Paris NFT Day.

Don’t miss her spotlight interview to see them shine!

Paris Blockchain Summit Week Recap

Hoping to see more of Team MetaJuice in action?

Our newsletter’s photos are only the tip of the iceberg! Just click below to watch our conference recap video!

The Big Reveal by Amelia Kallman

Futurist Amelia Kallman interviewed John Burris from Paris and shared an EXCLUSIVE scoop on MetaJuice’s International only ERC-20 security token: VCORE.

Learn how VCORE rewards the community, building the future metaverse and earning from their engagement.

Check it out

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