VCOIN is Live

VCOIN — the first transferable digital currency that easily lets users buy, gift, earn and convert VCOIN to real money for the real world, is now available for all users in IMVU.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain and functioning as an ERC-20 crypto token, VCOIN can be exchanged both inside the IMVU platform, and for the first time, off of the platform.

Available now for the IMVU desktop, mobile web, and web platforms, VCOIN is seamlessly integrated into the IMVU experience, enabling secure, global peer-to-peer transactions at the click of a button.

With this announcement, IMVU’s more than 7M monthly active users have already began transacting with VCOIN, adding new value to the IMVU service economy. Currently, the IMVU economy sees more than 27 million monthly transactions and 14 billion Credits changing hands each month for virtual goods and services. But whereas these Credits remain locked on the platform, with the integration of VCOIN, users will be able to hold, earn and convert their earnings to real value off-platform — something that IMVU’s current in-game Credit economy hasn’t been able to provide users.

Welcome to VCOIN. Join us as we unleash the service economy in IMVU.

For more information on VCOIN, please visit

To keep up with real time information, follow VCOIN on the following social channels: Twitter, Medium, Discord, and LinkedIn.

Interested in trying VCOIN? Download IMVU and start earning TODAY!



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