VCOIN Launches a Debit Card with Uphold Enabling IMVU Users to Earn In-Game and Spend in Real Life

3 min readJun 29, 2021

IMVU players can now withdraw VCOIN into their Uphold account, spend it via debit card and earn 2% cash back on every transaction

VCOIN is partnering with Uphold to launch a Debit Card for all VCOIN holders. This card will be available for all U.S. users, with International availability beginning in late 2021.

The partnership will allow US-based IMVU users to withdraw their VCOIN earnings into their Uphold account and, for the first time, spend it via an Uphold Debit Card accepted at over 50 million retailers and ATMs, while earning 2% cashback on every transaction.

This new offering expands VCOIN’s utility for holders and makes it even easier for earners of VCOIN to spend its value in real life. To obtain a card, users can visit

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Debit Card FAQs

Who is eligible for the debit card?

All U.S residents are eligible for the Uphold debit card! All you need is an Uphold Account and some VCOIN in your wallet to use. International availability is launching later this year, join the waitlist on

Note: To use the debit card, you will need to reside in a US state that’s eligible for VCOIN withdrawal. Please check out the Withdrawing VCOIN article to learn about VCOIN withdrawal/purchase restrictions by country and state.

What fees come with the debit card?

There is a one-time fee of $9.95 if you choose to order a physical debit card. If you choose to receive a physical card, make sure you have $9.95 USD in your Uphold Account prior to ordering your card. Digital debit cards are FREE to order and easily accessible through the Uphold Card app.

When will the VCOIN debit card be available?

The purple VCOIN branded debit card will be launching later this year. Currently only the green Uphold debit card can be ordered.

Where can I use the debit card?

The Uphold debit card is widely accepted at more than 50 million merchants and ATMs.

Is the Uphold Debit Card available internationally?

Currently the Uphold Card is only available in the U.S. A full international launch will begin soon. Please sign up for the waitlist and we’ll let you know when you can order yours!

What does it mean to earn 2% cash back?

To earn 2% cash back means that for every time you purchase something with your Uphold Debit Card at a store or online, you will receive 2% of that purchase back into your Uphold Account, in the form of cash/USD to be spent however you’d like.

Additional Uphold Card FAQs

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