What is the VCOIN Marketplace?

The VCOIN Marketplace — think of it like “Etsy,” but for Producers (users that provide services for other users). On the Marketplace, Producers will list “gigs” or services they offer in exchange for VCOIN, and IMVU users with VCOIN to spend will browse these gigs and hire Producers directly to complete the transaction.

If you’ve been following our announcements, you’re probably aware that recently this Marketplace got an upgrade and is now much more visual and easy to use. You can find the new Marketplace located at gigs.imvu.com.

What is the purpose of the VCOIN Marketplace?

We built this marketplace as a vehicle through which users that contributed the IMVU community in more intangible ways, could still earn money in the form of VCOIN. The IMVU Shop where users purchase digital items and rooms, is for the Creators. The VCOIN Marketplace where users can purchase digital art, unique items and experiences, is for the Producers.

The newly upgraded VCOIN Marketplace has NUMEROUS advantages for IMVU shoppers and Producers alike. This easy and frictionless platform to link those providing services and those hiring users for services, revolutionizes connections within the IMVU community. The VCOIN Marketplace also provides a platform for users who are looking to reach a larger audience in-game.

By posting a VCOIN Marketplace listing, Producers can be sure that their entry will be viewed by thousands of users that frequent the marketplace. For shoppers who are looking to spend their VCOIN and purchase gigs, they now have a place to easily access hundreds of other users who can help!

What are some cool listings on the VCOIN Marketplace?

IMVU is a unique place. So it would make sense that there are many unique services that Producers are listing on the VCOIN Marketplace that you’d never even think would exist and be profitable within a virtual world. On the VCOIN Marketplace, currently users can hire:

  • Editors
  • A Tarot Card Reader
  • Models
  • Custom Creators
  • Babysitters
  • Personal Shoppers/Stylists
  • An IMVU Tour Guide
  • And more! Check out other on the VCOIN Marketplace!

How To Shop in the VCOIN Marketplace

Shopping is fun, easy to navigate, and full of endless services created specifically by Producers for users on the IMVU.

To begin, simply head over gigs.imvu.com. On the home page you’ll find a directory of services, like edits, custom items and more. You can also browse by keyword, price, or category for a more in-depth search to find a Producer or service that matches your needs.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can also create a post requesting a specific service and a Producer will reach out to you directly. Once you find the gig you want, learn more about the Producer, their previous work, price range and additional store information.

Lastly, click on their profile in the right hand corner and send them a direct message inquiring about their service. Most Producers tend to respond with 24–48 hours.

*Before you start shopping, be sure you have enough VCOIN in your wallet. Purchase here!

How To Post on the VCOIN Marketplace

Anyone can become a Producer and offer their services to the IMVU community. The most common being edits, custom creations, modeling and more. To post your service, simply click on “Post” on the home page at gigs.imvu.com. Once you fill out the required fields, an IMVU staff member will approve your submission and your post will go live.

Once your post is searchable on the marketplace, shoppers are able to ask questions, message you and make comments directly on your gigs posting. Producers can also track their comments and notifications by clicking on their profile, found in the top right of the page.

For more information, visit gigs.imvu.com.

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